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10 Steps To Bake Your Best Ever Cake

10 Steps To Bake Your Best Ever Cake

Baking a cake is not less than an achievement, especially if its every slice looks and tastes more than just perfect. No matter, you are making a small bowl sized or a skyscraper of buttercream cake, the concentration and confidence needed is pretty much equal. To make sure your cake is delicious and beautiful rather than scraps in the trash can, apply every baking technique carefully. Its important to follow the right flavors and processes to ensure that your cake remains intact.

Some steps to bake a tasty cake are:

1. Pick a reliable recipe of your favorite cake from an online source, book or magazine. Make sure the recipe is complete and in easy language.

2. Before starting the baking process, adjust the ingredients depending on the size of your pan. For ex: reduce the amount of ingredients if your pan is 8-inch round compared to 10-inch given in the recipe and vice versa.

3. Prepare the baking pan depending on the recipe and ingredients. Figure out what you need and grease and flour the pan to prevent the batter or bread from sticking around its edges and base.

4. Position the oven racks properly in the lower third of the oven. Rotate the pans from upper to lower direction and from back to front through the baking time.

5. Make sure that your ingredients are facing an adequate heat temperature as specified in the recipe. Don’t let the cold butter and eggs to warm up beyond the room temperature.

6. Measure all the ingredients with a measuring scale to make sure you are not overusing them. Weigh the flour the right way to avoid baking a dense and heavy cake.

7. Before taking it out of the oven, do check to see if it is properly baked. You can use a toothpick to prick the batter to ensure that it is not hard.

8. Allow your cake to cool down according to the instructions given by a baker in the recipe. If you used a parchment-lined pan for baking, the cake will cool down itself on cooling racks. Don’t choose the warmest place in the kitchen to let it cool.

9. After it has cooled down, carefully remove it from the baking pan. Detach the sides using a knife or spatula. Cover the pan with a rack and flip everything over.

10. Avoid much movement and remove the pan. Turn the cake downside up and place it on the cooling rack. Hold the racks gently and repeat the flip.

These are the few steps that can help you bake a perfect cake at your very first attempt. If you need a delicious birthday cake in a hurry, our bakers at Just Temptations can assist you. Order a cake today.

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