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5 Amazing Wedding Cake Flavors For 2017

5 Amazing Wedding Cake Flavors For 2017

A quintessential centerpiece of every wedding occasion is a beautiful and delicious wedding cake. Every bride dreams of ordering a large and flavored cake that is greatly admired by the guests. Over the years, details and designs of wedlock cakes are being elaborated with fondant flavors, sugar roses, complex patterns and a palate of colors. A wedding cake can impress the guests, only if it tastes more amazing than its looks.

Some popular cake flavors you should order for your wedding occasion are:

1. Red Velvet

This deep red colored velvet cake is perfect to display a feel of love and romance on your wedding day. It doesn’t taste like rose, chocolate or vanilla. It is actually made of rich and smooth cream that is paired with creamy cheese frosting. Red velvet is a newcomer flavor that can be modified with a mixture of sponge, fruity flavors and a delight of rose. To make your guests say wow!, you can also order red velvet cupcakes.

2. Chocolate

Chocolate is ruling the occasional cake flavors from many years. It can be ordered with different levels of richness, sweetness and flavor pairings. A simple chocolate cake can turn into a perfect wedding cake by elevating it to a sophisticated level with a mixture of flavor accents such as mint, orange, pineapple and strawberry.

3. Lemon

One of the popular flavor of previous year, it is likely going to rule in 2017 too. Lemon cakes taste really amazing with a light and tangy essence. This citrus flavored wedding cake is perfect for the spring occasions and is perfect for those couples who want something rich and unique to surprise their guests. To create a tasty fruity blend, pair it with raspberry or strawberry.

4. Vanilla

Vanilla cream is a traditional flavor that is favored by many couples who love being traditional. This is a basic cake that can be baked with complex designs to make it look amazing. It can be dressed up in many ways with frosting, filling or fruit creams. Vanilla acts as an excellent base for exotic and fun flavors as it can blend with almost all ingredients.

5. Pink Champagne

Champagne cakes are generally ordered by couples who love celebrations and fun. Pink champagne cakes are unique as their batter is made with champagne instead of water. Pink color is filled with a food coloring dye. The delicious fillings and toppings that blend with a champagne cake include rum custard, white chocolate shavings and pink whipped cream.

These are some popular wedding cake flavors that are going to rule wedding of 2017. If you need a delicious and decorative wedding cake that can make your guests say wow!, rely on our bakers at Just Temptations.

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