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Never Make These Common Cake Baking Mistakes

Never Make These Common Cake Baking Mistakes

Baking a cake is an art that is hobby for many and profession for some. If you are fond of cooking, but still can’t bake a perfect cake despite of repeated efforts, then you might be lacking at some aspect. Baking on your own is not easy and needs to be done with both patience and care. Moreover, when it comes to cakes, practice is not something that results in perfectness. There are several other focus areas that can help you bake a delicious birthday cake from scratch.

Some mistakes to avoid for baking a perfect cake are:

1. Use the right baking pan

People often get confused when it comes to choosing the right cake size and the pan. They generally make a mistake of selecting a large pan for a small cake or vice versa. If you are one out of those, then realize your mistake on time. A single pan can’t equip all cake sizes. Always choose a perfect size base to prevent the batter from moving.

2. Choose the right ingredients

The ingredients and their quantity greatly depends on the size and flavor your birthday cake. Though web is a great medium to learn to bake cakes, don’t make a mistake of using exactly the same ingredient ratio they are using even when you are planning for a small cake. Baking is a hobby that needs to be carried out with precision.

3. Mixing the batter for long

Batter is the actual base of your creativity. It consists of all the ingredients needed and is then mixed with milk to create a soft batter. By mixing the batter for long, a person can ruin its consistency and taste by making it thinner than required. In contrast, by mixing it for less time, still the batter will get effected and remain thick, thereby ruining the cake softness. Its ideal to mix it up to the right proportion and for the exact time.

4. Holding the air bubbles

No matter, how safely or carefully you mixed the batter, the tiny air bubbles manage to rest inside. If there a lot many air bubbles in the cake batter, it will show off the cracks and holes once baked in the oven. To provide a smooth finish to the base, make sure you tap down the pan several times.

These are some common mistakes that people usually make while baking cakes. If you are planning a birthday surprise for your loved one but are short of time to bake your own cake, Just Temptations is here to serve you with delicious and creative birthday cakes.

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